Rainbow over spring field
Rainbow over spring field

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I offer a variety of services and work with each individual to prepare the best solution for your circumstances.

Let’s Work Together:

I always start by learning more about you and what’s holding you back. After you send me the Client Intake Form and we’ve had an initial consultation I’ll be able to make a recommendation for services. I work with clients either on Skype or in person for EFT, and in person for Feng Shui and Dowsing consultations. I’m able to travel within one-day’s round trip to meet with clients currently.

I enjoy working with clients and helping you find the clarity you need. I’m grateful that I’m able to share solutions I’ve experienced through my work and training.


Download form first and then complete & save form to get started:

Download the Intake Form

Email the completed form to CRDesigns4U@msn.com or send a printed copy to Carol Ransom Designs, PO Box 274, Van Etten, NY 14889.

Consultation & Arrangements:

After I have received and reviewed the form we will set up a telephone call to schedule an appointment for the selected services and finalize any questions you may have about the payment amount.

If you are requesting on location consultation, at this time I am available to travel within one day’s round trip from my home in Van Etten, NY.  If the distance is greater than 80 miles, I will add $20.00 for gas expenses.  Thank you!

Personal Best Directions Guide:

Provide me with your birthdate (mo/day/year) and I will send you a Personal Best Directions Guide to your email address.  This will allow you to start improving energy flow movement in your space and for you.

Completely Free!

Download Your Best Directions Guide


IChing-1This service includes a personally dowsed unframed 5″ x 7″ hexagram ready for framing and an explanation of the hexagram and active line chosen for each doorway. Provide me with the compass reading (in degrees) while standing at a 90 degree angle to the plane of the door opening while looking out.  If using a traditional compass, ensure that you are not standing within the field of influence of any magnetic materials – steel doors, structural steel beams, iron railings, base metal jewelry, etc.

One hexagram $36.00 + sh & tax

Angles in deg. divide by ,

Learn more about Hexagrams HERE

Feng Shui Consultation:

LoPanAn in home consultation is $450.00 if you have floor plans.  If you require me to measure and draw plans, an additional $200.00 will be charged.  If you are outside a reasonable driving distance from me, travel charges will be added as determined before an appointment is made.  You will be sent a report of the analysis of changes to make and suggestions for improving Feng Shui energy flow.

Home consultation (have drawings) – $450.00

I need drawings from Carol – add $200.00

Information required for Feng Shui Consultation:

  • Floor plans drawn to scale noting all windows and doors.
  • Date of construction and dates of any major structural renovations.  Date of your occupancy.  All this establishes the “natal chart” of the home.
  • Dates of birth for all residents of the home including time of birth and location (city and state).
  • A compass reading for each exterior door, including any garage doors.  (I will verify at time of visit.)

Learn more about Feng Shui HERE


DSCN8499A home visitation dowsing session involves walking the “yard” around the home/business to locate geopathic stresses and any vortices.  Then the interior room peripheries are dowsed for any additional stresses.  Corrections are made at that time.  If the home is in an apartment complex, then only the interior dowsing is performed.  If you want to mark the placement of the corrections on a floorplan, then you should have that ready for me to use.  If you are having Feng Shui analysis performed, then the same floor plan can be used.

Dowsing Service is $250.00

Learn more about Dowsing HERE

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

(for clutter clearing):  These sessions will be conducted in person at your home/business or by Skype.

    • “Clutter Easing” is one 60 min. EFT session for $50.00.
    • “Clutter Clearing” is two 60 min. EFT sessions for $95.00.
    • “Clutter Busting” is three 60 min. EFT sessions for $135.00.

# of sessions

Learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique HERE

Want to Make an Appointment?

Download form first and then complete & save form to get started.

Download the Intake Form

Email the completed form to CRDesigns4U@msn.com or send a print-out copy to:

Carol Ransom Designs, PO Box 274, Van Etten, NY 14889.